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Aputure Trigmaster Plus II TXII Sony

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The Aputure Trigmaster Plus II TXII-Sony is a TTL radio synchronizer with support for Sony cameras. The device is in the shape of a transceiver, so it can function both as a camera-mounted transmitter and as a receiver when a flash is installed. To switch between modes there is a button on the side to switch to the RX and TX / RX modes. At the back there is an extra cold shoe with thread.  The Trigmaster Plus II has an extremely reliable radio signal. It activates a flash in a room or on the street, without being affected by external radio interference. Enjoy full flash freedom. When using Super mode, you can start a camera or flash at a distance of 1 km. What was previously considered impossible is now within reach. Manage up to four groups (A / B / C / D) individually or simultaneously. Zones are activated from the transmitter on the camera. It works not only with strobes, but also with cameras. The Trigmaster Plus II has a battery charge indicator that displays 6 charge levels and flashes red to indicate a low charge level. You will not be surprised by an empty battery. The duration of operation with 2 AA alkaline batteries is 200 hours. The Trigmaster Plus II is compatible with all radiosynchronizers of the Trigmaster series. Features of the Aputure Trigmaster Plus II TXII-Sony * Transceiver: transmitter and receiver * Compatible with Sony cameras * Frequency used: 2.4 GHz * Range:> 500 meters * Synchronization: 1/320 sec. * TTL support * Number of channels: 6 * Working time: 80 hours (working mode), 200 hours (standby) * Weight 75 grams * Dimensions 92.5 x 53 x 29.5 mm Included with the Aputure Trigmaster Plus II TXII-Sony * 1x Trigmaster Plus II TXII-S transceiver * PC cable * Flash sync cable * Adapter from 3.5 mm to 6.5 mm * 2x AA batteries in a plastic housing * Wristband * Protective cover for hot shoe * Flash shoe adapter for Sony * User manual

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Aputure Trigmaster Plus II TXII Sony