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Byomic Microscoop 3,5 inch LCD Deluxe 40x 1600x in Koffer

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The Byomic Deluxe Microscope is equipped with a 3.5" LCD screen for viewing objects. The LCD screen is removable, should you want to study an object using the ocular. The 3.5" LCD screen makes it possible for multiple people to view the object(s) being studied, at the same time, which is highly practical for use in laboratories or class rooms. Additionally, the integrated 2MP camera enables to you to photograph the object(s) you see under the microscope. You can store the photos in the 512 MB storage capacity, or transfer them to a PC via the supplied USB cable. Alternatively, you can store them directly into an SD card. The standard magnification of the Deluxe Microscope is 40x to 400x but with the 4x digital zoom, it is possible to magnify up to 1600x. Contents of the package * Byonic Microscope * 3.5" LCD screen * Cross-Table with Nonius Scale Division * AC adapter, cable length 1m * USB cable 1m * Sturdy carrying case * Box with 10 observation glasses, of which 5 permanent preparations * Tweezers * Breeding installation for shrimps * 4 Preparations (yeast, gum media, sea salt, shrimp eggs) * Microtome (device for cutting very thin slices with) * Protection cover

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Byomic Microscoop 3,5 inch LCD Deluxe 40x 1600x in Koffer