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Schneider Xenon FF Prime 50mm T2.1 Canon EOS

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The Full-Frame Schneider Xenon FF Primes are specifically designed for the latest generation of digital film and photo cameras and have a resolution higher than is required 4K chipsets. Schneider-Kreuznach, for over a hundred years manufacturer of sublime photographic lenses, lens projection, industrial optics and eye optics, has focused with a fresh approach on the rapidly growing market of digital cinema cameras and DSLR's in recent years. All FF-Prime lenses have the same housing which makes changing lenses on follow focus rigs and matte boxes surprisingly simple. Consistency when changing lenses is guaranteed by the bright and readable focus and the use of T-stops. Features of the Schneider Xenon FF-Prime 50mm T2.1 Canon EOS * Designed for 4K resolution and more * All lenses are mutually color matched * Minimum breathing when setting focus * Flare suppression * 14 iris blades for a beautiful bokeh * Lightweight * M95 filter thread

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Schneider Xenon FF Prime 50mm T2.1 Canon EOS